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Q:  How do I remove stuck lids on my Hyperchiller?

Here are some tips you can try to unscrew the lid if it is super tight.

1)  Place the area of the stuck lid under hot running water for a few minutes.

2)  Use two people. One person grip the base with both hands while second person grips the lid with both hands. And twist in opposite directions. 

3)  Place a towel over the lid to protect it, and then use a heavy serving utensil to gently tap on the lid a few times in different spots. Then try to unscrew the lid afterwards. 

4)  Wrap a thick/wide rubber band around the lid for a better grip.


Q: How does the HyperChiller cool coffee so quickly without ANY dilution?

A: The coffee never touches ice. Two layers of food grade stainless steel keep it separated and act as the cooling surface. 



Q:Does it really work in only ONE minute?

A: Yes it really does!  Check out our video demonstrating this here. Start at the 1:35 mark for the demo, or start from the beginning for a step by step walk through of the product.


It can chill 8 oz of freshly brewed hot coffee by up to 130°+ in 60 seconds. At that time you can pour over ice, and enjoy full strength iced coffee. 


If you want to enjoy your coffee ice cold without ice, or are chilling more than 10 oz - just let it chill for an extra one to two minutes. 



Q: Does it really take 12+ hours to freeze?

A: For optimal results, we recommend letting it freeze for up to 12 hours initially. In testing, when refreezing after use, we have seen great results even when it only had about six hours to refreeze.



Q: Where can I find the instructions on how to assemble and use?

A: To view those instructions in PDF form; click here



Q: Can I use it more than one time before I need to refreeze it?

A: Yes you can! The second cycle will just take a few minutes longer to achieve the same great results. After that, it will need to be frozen again.



Q: Can I use it to chill beer or soda?

A: The HyperChiller will cool any liquid; but we don't recommend it in this case. Any carbonated beverage will lose a significant amount of carbonation in the process.


Q:  What is the order processing and shipping time frame?

A:  We ship our orders out of our California warehouse.  It usually takes 1-2 business days to process an order.  (Our warehouse is not open on weekends.)  We ship via Fedex Ground which takes approximately 5-7 business days depending on the state location of the shipping address.