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the most effective way to make iced coffee

use any

  • single cup brewer
  • drip coffee maker
  • french press
  • espresso pot
  • pour over

results in
just one

The HyperChiller's patented design can chill a cup of hot coffee by up to 130+ degrees in 60 seconds, without any dilution! When you pour hot coffee inside, it's exposed to two layers of ice cold stainless steel that have a surface area equivalent to over 30 large ice cubes yet prevent any dilution in the process.

Save time & money

HyperChiller simplifies the once tedious process of making iced coffee at home, by fitting into the exact workflow you've already developed for making hot coffee in the morning.

Take out of the freezer

In between uses, just leave it in the freezer so its always ready when you are.

Pour (or brew) your hot coffee in the lid and let it chill

Within just a minute the Hyperchiller will drastically reduce the temperature of your beverage. Now you can pour over ice without the ice instantly melting. Or leave it in the HyperChiller for a bit longer to drink it ice cold without ice.