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the most effective way to chill wine & spirits

great for
all kinds of

  • whiskey
  • wine
  • cocktails
  • shots

results in
just one

When you pour your drink of choice inside, it'll be exposed to a huge surface area of two layers of ice cold food grade stainless steel.

Save time & flavor

We've all run into this issue before. You get the idea to enjoy some wine, or liquor, or shots, but the bottle is room temperature. Everyone knows a cold shot goes down better.

Take out of the freezer

In between uses, just leave it in the freezer so its always ready when you are.

Pour in your drink of choice and let it chill

Within just a minute the HyperChiller will drastically reduce the temperature of your libation of choice. Now you can enjoy your drinks chilled, with their original flavors and without dilution.